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Horoscopes #4 – The Boredom Sets In

My daily experiment continues to prove or disprove the legitimacy of horoscopes – genuine predictions or sheer unadulterated nonsense?  Some may question my findings and any conclusions I may draw from this ongoing experiment.

Warning:  The following experiment should only be replicated in a controlled environment under strict adult supervision.  I will not be held accountable for horoscopes that go wrong.

Day Four

21 February 2011

“You’ve had enough time to sort things out at work, now it’s all about making use of what you’ve learnt and who you have met along the way. You might want to take a break but ask yourself if now is the right time” [Courtesy of Daily Mirror http://www.mirror.co.uk/life-style/horoscopes/taurus/]

Aha – back on track – today officially exists.  Right, straight into the analysis.

You’ve had enough time to sort things out at work…

Well I suppose that this could be referring to the fact that I work in local government and we have known since David Cameron and George Osborne’s fantastic Comprehensive Spending Review (last Autumn) that all local authorities have to drastically reduce their spending.  This of course means the inevitable job losses.  So yes, I have had enough time (to try to get used to the idea), but have I got the necessary authority to sort things out?  I think not!  I am still unsure as to whether I will have employment beyond September/October 2011- that decision is way beyond my reach.  So, if I were to believe this prediction/statement I can only take it as a direct criticism.  I am being told quite clearly that I have had enough time to sort things out.  Well that’s it then – I’m an obvious failure!  It’s like my mum has written it!

It could on the other hand be referring to the new work that my team has taken on.  Now that’s another story which is far too complicated to go into.  In a nutshell though, it is basically deciphering the inexplicably complex world of semantics around “what is an event?”.  Won’t mean anything to you good readers; however I think we are coming very close to solving it or, “sorting things out at work” – hey we’ve got a fit here. 

…now it’s all about making use of what you’ve learnt    

Well my esteemed colleague and I have learnt that nothing is as simple as it first appears.  An event is only an event if it is a small event, but equally it could be an event if it is a big event, but only if it is jointly promoted with colleagues in the Events promotions department (note the capitalised ‘E’ – I think that is the clincher!)  Indeed.  Anyway, now we’ve (almost) got our heads around what an ‘event’ or an ‘Event’ is, maybe we could use it to our advantage and simplify current working processes.  A long shot, but we’re trying to give it a go and our new found knowledge can only be a good thing can’t it?  So again, I suppose a very loose and tenuous yes to this one.

…and who you have met along the way.

Ok, met some new people at work during the ‘handover period’ of the events (small ‘e’) system.  Really nice (if ever so slightly confusing) people.  They’re leaving soon under the government cuts, so I will make more use of their expertise before they leave.  It’s a shame that I have had to meet them under such gloomy circumstances.  We could’ve been good colleagues!

… You might want to take a break

Of course I do, who doesn’t?  This is very vague.  Not going to give this one any more of my valuable time.

…but ask yourself if now is the right time

I do ask myself this on a daily basis and have been doing since the threat of unemployment came knocking on my (non existent) office door.  This is not exclusive to today and is extremely fluffy, so again going to disregard this one.

Someone made a good observation yesterday in response to my blog (Horoscopes #3 – The Horror of the Scope), They asked “Does the time of day you read the horoscope impact on the accuracy. If you read it first thing, will more things happen – because you are subconsciously making them happen?”  That had crossed my mind and I do believe that it could go some way to influence whether you take this turn or that.  That is where I think you could find yourself on tricky ground.  Where one decision seems instinctively to be the right one, a change of mind could lead someone down the wrong path – just because their horoscope ‘told them to choose it’.  With this particular horoscope though, it wouldn’t matter whether it was read in the morning, the evening, or last week – it would (or would not, depending on your stance) apply to any time of day!

Quite disappointing today.  Nothing particularly awe inspiring or life changing seemingly going to happen.  Ah well, that’s horoscopes for you.

So far, based on this consistent approach to using the same (decidedly basic) horoscope I am edging towards the decision that they are utter nonsense and getting bored now.  I did though have so much fun yesterday checking out lots of other ones.  To reiterate what I said in yesterday’s blog I can see how some people can get sucked into the world of horoscopes.  I feel the need to find a better one that will shape my life!

Until tomorrow … I’m off to find some more juicy horoscopes that I prefer.


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