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Ranting on a sunny afternoon

 The weather is simply gorgeous today again.  I am on annual leave from work and the sun is cracking the flags – that never happens.  Usually when I am off work the dark clouds come over, the temperature drops several degrees and the rain comes down with a vengeance.  Not today though, the fifth day in a row we have had glorious weather.  So, what could I possibly have to rant about?  Ok, so there is the little matter of the school holidays and bored kids, but that’s not really been an issue up to press.  We have had theatre trips, girlie shopping trips and lunches, washing the car (with the obligatory water fight), tidying the house, now for an afternoon of relaxation in the back garden with a book.

With my daughter packed off to her friend’s house for the afternoon I carefully chose the right place in the garden, got myself a nice long cool drink, gathered my shades, sun cream on, book in hand and … relax.  I was less than two minutes in to my (well deserved) treat when the beautiful bird song was disrupted by an almighty roar of an engine and the mechanical clattering of a pneumatic drill.

I had to get up to investigate I couldn’t just sit there and read my book, I couldn’t concentrate.  I walked down the driveway to the front of the house and saw the offenders glowing in their luminous work wear which was further accentuated by the glorious sunshine.  I hid behind the large conifer at the front of our house to see if I could get a better look at what they were doing without appearing to be staring.  Well, I didn’t want them to think I was being nosey did I?

With a little hope I thought they might be addressing the potholes in the road caused by the snow and dreadful winter we had just had.  Alas no, they looked to be resurfacing a section of the footpath across the way.  The section they were dealing with could have been no more than ten yards in length, and four feet in width. 

I found myself asking three simple questions:

1.            Why was this necessary at all?  There was nothing wrong with that piece of the footpath that I had ever noticed;

2.            Why were there eight men assigned to this task?  Oh yes, One to dig, and seven to stand around and watch – silly me;

3.            Why do it today???  Ok, so I appreciate schedule of works and all that means that they didn’t decide this morning to do this piece of work, they probably had it timetabled for weeks.  Nevertheless, I thought it most inconsiderate on their part.

So, what to do – ignore them for the rest of the afternoon and read my book in the back garden as planned?  Or, go inside the house, close all the windows and sulk.  Common sense did actually prevail.  I would go outside and enjoy the afternoon sunshine.  After all, they are workmen, and my past experience tells me they won’t be at it for long!  Just one last thing to do – take a photo for this blog – from inside of course.  Don’t want to give the impression I was a curtain twitching busy body with nothing better to do!



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