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Planning for the Future

A while ago I celebrated a significant birthday and without giving too much away, but giving you enough so that you have a pretty accurate idea, they say that “life begins” at this age.

It passed quite quietly and insignificantly really with no big celebration party or fuss and the months following to be honest showing little or no evidence of the saying being remotely true.

What I have come to realise though is that I am obviously getting older – this seems more apparent now and I am developing urges to get my future plans for my life in order.  I have begun to compile my list in order to address this and here it is.

1. Pension

Ensure that my private pension is in order for when my retirement day comes.  I have to admit though that this is a strange one.  One day it seems to be looming ever closer, and then the next, the government decides to extend the working age, so it disappears further into the future!  Anyway, at the moment at current estimates and subject to the world’s economic state I have a pension which will I should (all being well) be able to manage on.

2. Making a Will

I know that this is something I should have done a long time ago, but it is always one of those things I keep putting off with the usual perfunctory comments of “I’ll do it tomorrow”, or “yeah, I’ll get around to it”.  I suppose now I am ever more conscious of my own mortality and think this needs sorting as soon as possible.

3. Regular outings to the garden centre

This is an absolute must.  I cannot wait until the day comes when I am older and retired and have all the time in the world to do just as I please.  I will save my ‘spare time’ visits to the garden centre specifically to take trips at especially well-coordinated times i.e. weekends or bank holidays.  I think this needs precision planning to time the outings to coincide with the desired effect of being really annoying to other people who have less spare time on their hands.

I plan to join up with two or three friends, link arms and walk at a very sedate pace along the narrowest of pathways with no option for anyone to pass by.  I will point at various plants, flowers and decorative garden ornaments with my walking stick, just missing other people with it as I wave it about.  I will of course not need this stick as a walking aid, I will just have it purely for the purpose of potentially taking someone’s eye out.

I will, along with said friends, go for lunch at the in-house restaurant or cafe and spend many minutes in the queue deciding whether I want a delicious cream scone or an equally delicious chocolate muffin.  Then I will debate with the person serving on behind the counter and tell them all about why I may not be able to manage the fresh cream inside the scone because of the ‘incident’ that happened in the bathroom this morning and how these days fresh cream can sometimes play havoc with my bowel movements.  I will say it loud enough so that anybody else looking forward to an appetising lunch or snack will be suitably put off by the discussion.

Once I have finally made the decision to eat the chocolate muffin (“because it looks soft enough for me to eat without my dentures in”), I will shuffle to the till area to pay for my food.  Oh, but first I need to converse with the cashier about the different range of teas and coffees available and how there “never used to be so many in my day”.  I will laugh with her (as she is such a nice girl) and eventually plump for a good old fashioned pot of English tea for one, not some of that “new fangled muck”.  I will not notice that she has just gone through the whole drinks menu for me explaining in great detail the differences and the taste experiences.   I will then have a long discussion with one of my friends who also would like a pot of English tea for one to see if it would be better value if we purchased a pot for two and split the cost.  I will then dismiss the idea, because tea doesn’t taste the same when it comes in a large pot!

I shall make sure I haven’t got my ‘right’ glasses with me so that I will have the opportunity of asking the nice young girl behind the counter to sort out my money in my purse for me.  I will then struggle to check that she has got the right amount, before allowing her to put it into the cash drawer.  I will then complain that there is nowhere to sit, until some very kind family give up their seats for me and my friends.  Aren’t people so courteous?

4. Go to town

In a not too far removed situation to item 3, I will set off into town roughly around lunchtime, just when the workers have their hour off to achieve everything, like paying bills, buying lunch, grabbing some urgent household supplies, visit the bank or other such mundane things.  I too will need these things, so I will time my visit to be as disruptive as possible to everyone else.  It doesn’t matter that I have been up since the crack of dawn, nor does it matter that I seemingly have the rest of the day to carry out these tasks.  I mean I won’t have will I, because after all, I will have to get back home in time to make tea for about four o’clock.  I don’t know when it will happen that I will start losing interest in having my evening meal around seven o’clock as I have done all my life, but I am preparing early for it, as it will come as sure as night follows day.

I am sure that I will think of many more things to plan for, and I sincerely hope that I will have many more years to do this, but you can never be too prepared can you?



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Horoscopes #1 – The Realisation

My original rant subject matter was to be the ridiculousness (is there such a word?  There must be because that annoying red squiggly line hasn’t appeared underneath – I digress) of horoscopes.  Horoscopes are very strange aren’t they?  There are some people who absolutely live their lives by them, some read them each day for the amusement factor, some who like to believe they’re true but wouldn’t dare admit it to anyone, and those who think that they are utter nonsense. 

Me?  I originally thought I fell into the latter category, but when I applied a little more thought – I realised it has not always been this way and to be honest I do not have a firm and justifiable opinion either way any more.  Consequently, I have chosen to embark on some thorough research to prove or disprove the authenticity of horoscopes.  Some may question my findings and any conclusions I may draw from this ongoing experiment. 

Warning:  The following experiment should only be replicated in a controlled environment under strict adult supervision.  I will not be held accountable for horoscopes that go wrong.

Day One

18 February 2011

“Finally, a decision is made and you’re ready to let everyone know your plans. There will be those who don’t agree, some need to hear more, and others couldn’t care less. It’s irrelevant, as long as you’re happy, Taurus” [Courtesy of Daily Mirror http://www.mirror.co.uk/life-style/horoscopes/ ]

Now then to see how true this prediction for the day turned out.  I’ll break it down.

Finally a decision is made…

This could mean any number of things.  It obviously relates to a major decision, although it doesn’t state ‘major’, so I’ll just plump for one that I made today.  Which one to choose?  I made a decision to get up?  I made a decision to have a cup of tea instead of coffee for breakfast?  No, I know which I’ll go for – I made a decision to make cheese toasties for lunch for hubby and little one. Yep, that one works well.

…ready to let everyone know your plans

“Cheese toasties for lunch guys if that’s ok with everyone.  They’ll be ready in about 10 minutes” I announced to a starving family.

…There will be those who don’t agree

“I fancied a ham sandwich” hubby grumbled.

“Aw – I wanted a burger – I don’t want a cheese toasty” was the small yet argumentative voice of disagreement from the other room.

…some need to hear more

“Anyway, what is a cheese toasty?” asked my ever inquisitive little one.  These days she very quickly recognises the tone in my voice which basically suggests that she either has what she gets given or she has nothing at all.

…and others couldn’t care less

That’ll be the dog then.  Well that’s not strictly true, I suppose it’s only because she didn’t understand the conversation that was going on.  If she had understood or if I had put a cheese toasty in her dish, she would have gladly welcomed it.  Anyhow, for the purpose of this experiment, it fits.

…it’s irrelevant as long as you’re happy, Taurus

I am.  Well who wouldn’t be?  Cheese toasties are really quick and easy to make, they’re relatively healthy and they’re particularly scrumptious, especially if you put Bovril or another such meat extract spread in between the bread slices to accompany the cheese.  Also I am a Taurus, well I would be wouldn’t I?  If Sagittarius was my birth sign I would surely not be reading the horoscope for Taureans.  That’s just minor detail though isn’t it?

The accuracy of the prediction was uncanny though don’t you think?  This example proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that you have to take them seriously.  What’s that you say, utter garbage?  How could you – I am remaining open minded.  Anyway, it’s only day one and I feel a lot more challenges ahead.

 Until tomorrow…


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