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Coronation Street – The office drama

Recently I moved office base to sit within a different team.  Now this provided me with a whole new set of experiences to adjust to: the environment; the people and personalities and a whole new genre of conversation.  With all the new challenges to face the one thing I really feared was leaving behind the comfort zone of my familiar surrounding and soon to be ex-colleagues. 

I have been in my new office for a few months now and I feel I have settled in quite nicely.  My good friend, co-worker and esteemed blogger (The World According to Dave, listed in my blogroll) moved with me and I believe I owe it to him that I retained a smidgen of sanity in my new work life.  I have come to realise though during this uncertain journey and period of settling in, just what I have not missed.  The the incessant ramblings of “what happened on Corrie last night!”  It was always a big event in the office the day following an episode.

Now I know that Coronation Street first graced the television screens back in December 1960.    I know it was created by Tony Warren and was only ever commissioned for 13 episodes and I know that it is testament to its popularity that it has continued to this day.  What I don’t know is – why?

I was never formally introduced to this soap or serial drama as I think they are now referred to, but somehow it was part of a cultural upbringing at home in the north of England.  It formed part of the early evening family entertainment back in the 70’s and early 80’s and that is how I think I first became addicted.  I was one of the lucky ones though, I saw the light before it was too late and sought treatment.

Having said that, even today it is always on in our house, as my hubby and daughter seem to like it.  So it is on, droning away in the background, which I can often mentally tune out of, but I do occasionally get drawn into the dire plots and storylines and the terrible acting that seems to be the norm these days.

If I were to be forced to join into an office conversation about the programme now, I would be able to offer the following observations:

  1. Nick Tilsley couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag;
  2. Peter Barlow – acting almost as bad as Nick, but storyline not helping – recovering alcoholic that seems to recover overnight not only from drinking but from horrendous life threatening injuries sustained in a tram crash;
  3. Tracy Barlow – Acting skills even less than Nick with even better self-healing powers and the ability to have a murder charge quashed in five minutes;
  4. Deidre Barlow – just as annoying as she’s always been – some things never change;
  5. Gail McIntyre – must learn her lines via audio equipment as she doesn’t stop blinking her eyes long enough for them to stay open to read anything;
  6. Sally Webster – I have to admire the actress who plays her for her cancer battle and for remaining professional throughout her scenes especially so with a bad script to follow;
  7. Kevin Webster – rubbish – nothing more to say about that;
  8. Rosie Webster – what is up with her mouth?  She over-exaggerates every mouth movement unnecessarily to the point of me wanting to slap her;
  9. Sophie Webster – such a whining voice;
  10. John Stape – hats off to him for being able to deliver what has to be the most ridiculous storyline in Coronation Street history with a little bit of professionalism and whilst keeping a straight face.

Of course there are some good actors/characters in the programme but to mention them would detract from the rant wouldn’t it?

I know that I may have alienated a few readers with this piece and I offer an apology for simply not understanding your beliefs.



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