About me

I live in Yorkshire in England with my husband and my daughter.  Residing with us, are a black labrador dog, a hamster and several fish.  I enjoy reading, trying to write blogs and have just recently re-visited writing novels, a hobby which I left many years ago.  A mid-life crisis brought about the idea of learning a brass instrument, with tuition coming from the band leader at our local award winning brass band.  My daughter plays in the training band there.  It is a move which I am glad I made.

I am a working mum, who tries to get on with my difficult and busy life with little fuss, lots of juggling and yes, make a few minor mistakes along the way.  However, being a Gemini, I do have a twin, who does occasionally shows herself.  I call her Mary after the great Mary Poppins, because she is practically perfect in every way and has a no nonsense approach to life.

It will be ‘Mary’ who will be the stronger influence on this blog, putting into the written word the every day observations that appear to make life shall we say, more interesting.


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