PS I Love You

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Why does the world think I should pay an extortionate amount of money on cheap worthless tat

To say “I love you”?

 Ok so it doesn’t flow as well as the more traditional versions and doesn’t follow the poetic rhythm or beat, but I think you get the gist.

In the run up to Valentine’s Day, the shops and restaurants seem to forget that everyday life goes on and their main focus is to sell, sell, sell goods and/or services which are focussed around ‘love’.  The only love they have is the soulless love of money and profiteering.  Ordinary sensible people are drawn into the furore of spending money unnecessarily on over-priced rubbish that would not normally receive a second glance the rest of the year.

Quite surprisingly though as the world continues to spin on its axis, everyday life does have a habit of continuing irrespective of the senseless celebrations that are we are expected to subscribe to.  I say life continues, but that’s not strictly true though. 

Take this example.  It’s my dad’s birthday very soon.  I would like a decent selection of cards to choose from.  Can I find any? Can I heck.  I dropped by a very large and well known card emporium.  I am not kidding when I say that more than 50-60% of the store was dedicated to pink and red soppy mush related gifts and cards.  I found the male family card section and was left with a massive choice of a dozen or so! 

Now a gift – hmmm what to buy?  I am not talking about simply perusing the card store, but a vast selection of shops in the town.  Let’s see.  A soft toy holding a plush heart?  A bunch of flowers? Some sexy lingerie? Some lovers handcuffs or other such novelty sex toy? I know I love him and we are a close family, but that is possibly taking it too far?  Chocolates – now there’s a safe bet – now then which to choose?  Chocolate boobs or chocolate willies?!  Aaarrrggghhh!

I could though extend my options and stop being so churlish.  What about a cuddly duck or chick, or maybe a nicely decorated bonnet or chocolate egg seeing as the shops obviously can’t get rid of them I mean, they’ve been on the shelves since Boxing Day!  What’s that you say?  They’re for Easter, and just exactly when is that then?  Ah yes in about another 8 weeks time!

I really do pity people who have their birthdays on or around 14th February.   I suspect that it is akin to having a birthday on or around Christmas Day.  Aside from there being a distinct lack of choice of gifts, it is usually a good excuse for some less generous person to give one gift instead of two and pass it off as a joint present.  This is not good if you receive a bouquet of red roses for your birthday on the 14th.  Mind you after saying that it is an upgrade from the bunch of weeds I generally get on my birthday from hubby (only joking – he doesn’t buy me flowers).

Anyhow – ditched the present idea in favour of a family meal.  A nice restaurant with hubby, daughter and mum and dad.  Now then where should I book?  Oh that’s right – nowhere because everywhere is full and even where there is a table available it is only for two people.  Fancy wanting to book a table for more than two people – what a ridiculous concept.  I give in!  I don’t recall it being this tricky last year.  [Note to self: buy birthday card and present for dad in June for next year].

I love my hubby any time of the year.  Ok there are some exceptions to this – when there is an ‘m’ in the day of the week, oh and an ‘s’ and sometimes even when there is a ‘t’ in there.  If I need to tell him I love him, I don’t need to say it with tat on the one day of the year that everyone else feels obligated to say it.

 Oh and another thing – whilst writing this – I am being bombarded with valentine ads on the tv.   Give me a break!!!



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4 responses to “PS I Love You

  1. Donna Brown

    I take it this is not a good time to send you this link…

    As least they don’t need cards 🙂

  2. A humorous post! So true, a lot of these holidays have become too commercial.

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