Diets and weight loss – how much more can I stand?

Diets funny things aren’t they?  I guess we will all know someone in our lives at this moment in time that are on one – or have been on one.  Some may be partaking of this lifestyle at this very moment.

I am not ranting about diets per se, but about those people who say they are on a diet but actually have no real concept of what that means. 

Definition: v. To eat and drink according to a regulated system, especially so as to lose weight or control a medical condition.

Since January (when a few people I know made their New Year resolution to lose weight), I have heard the following reasons for them either failing dismally in their quest and giving up completely, or for continuing with their regime to no avail:

  1. I can’t eat today because I am getting weighed tonight  [I’ve left it too late again and I’m grasping at straws];
  2. I lost ½ lb last night so I went out for a meal after slimming club to celebrate  [I’m hungry];
  3. I put 1lb on so I went out for a meal after slimming club to commiserate  [I’m hungry];
  4. I’ve not had an alcoholic drink all week so I am going out and getting bladdered at the weekend  [I’m not totally giving up drinking for this diet!];
  5. There are no calories in the end bit of chocolate bars  [Well the few that are left in there don’t really count];
  6. I’m cutting out on bread because that’s where all the calories are coming from  [I’ll replace it with 2 tortilla wraps – well they’re not as fattening or as filling so I will need 2];
  7. It’s just a minor slip I’ll start again the diet tomorrow  [It doesn’t matter that this is the 3rd consecutive day I have said this, I don’t think anyone’s listening];
  8. My husband won’t eat the things I eat and I am not making 2 different meals  [I am not taking it seriously enough to know that with imagination we can both have the same meals, and besides it would mean I’d have to have a smaller portion];
  9. I’m too stressed to think about the diet today  [I have no willpower and I will blame anything];
  10. Well it’s (name) birthday, it’d be rude not to share a piece of cake with them [I want a piece of cake and that’s a perfect excuse to get away with having one]
  11. I get a lot out of going to slimming club as I can share recipe and dieting ideas with other people  [I only go to the slimming club because there are people there worse than me at losing weight and it makes me feel better]
  12. I hadn’t time to make anything for lunch this morning, I’ll grab something healthy at lunchtime  [the stuff I prepare is unappetising and I can’t be bothered as I’ve managed to convince myself that the shop bought ‘healthy’ produce is better for my diet]

Dieting to lose weight works for many people and generally speaking it is those people who have a willingness to change eating and lifestyle habits although I do appreciate that there are some exceptions to the rule.  It takes commitment, a desire to succeed and knowledge of how to go about it sensibly.  If you have all of the above, seek advice from your doctor or health practitioner not your mate in the local bar who gives the advice that they “have tried dieting and it doesn’t work”, or “your body finds it’s own natural weight no matter what you do”. 

If you recognise in yourself any of the above, please think about it – there are good rewards to be had.  If you have no serious intention of losing weight, then please do not pretend you have.  I am not interested.


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