Good Manners

Whatever happened to good manners?  I always thought the Brits were renowned for having the good grace to join the end of a queue and then wait for their turn.  It seems that ‘the end’ is now to be interpreted to mean the front, except nobody has told me that. 

Just to give you a bit of a background to this rant. I have now become what I consider to be a seasoned traveller on the ‘peasant wagon’, or ‘bus’ as it is more commonly known.  I never really was a big fan of public transport due to my past experiences of them, albeit quite infrequently.  I found them extremely unreliable, not particularly good value for money and well, dirty, cold and smelly.

My travelling habits were recently changed due to a number of contributing factors ie. my office base changed location and was now at the other end of town, but the cheap car parking was where I used to work some 20 minutes walk away; my car was vandalised by some delightful yobs; I could come and go as I please without having to wait at the bus driver’s convenience; and of course, recent petrol price increases.  So, faced with dark nights, long walks to the car, and not knowing what I would find when I did reach my car, and the bus fares being considerably cheaper – it was a no brainer.

So, after initial hiccups of not knowing what times the buses were supposed to turn up, I soon became wise to the ones that invariably didn’t and now I am pretty confident that I have got it sorted.  That is, all apart from one of my major bugbears.  People pushing in front of me in the queue!

I am not one for waiting at the bus stop for an incessantly stupid amount of time – if the bus is due at 7:10am, I am generally at the stop at around 7:07am awaiting it’s (rather punctual, I have to say) scheduled arrival.  Pretty accurate timings I know, but you will come to realise as you read more rants that I am pretty much a precise kind of person.

So, why is it that I carry out my research in order for me to waste as little time in my life as possible, just so that someone can come along and quite without any regard, push in and devalue my precious time on this earth?  Does this make sense or is it just me?  I think for someone to turn up at the very last second, push in and secure, what sometimes is the last seat on the bus, whilst leaving me to stand is a complete and arrogant disregard of how important someone else’s life is.  I appreciate that some of you may consider this to be an overly exaggerated view, but I suspect there are many who will agree with me. 

The perpetrator is very clever though, I have to give him that.  He has a friend at the stop that he joins every morning.  I say friend, I use this term very loosely.  He turns up, joins her in her place in the queue, stands with her and chats for a nano-second until the bus comes, gets on the bus with her, and then sits anywhere but next to her!  Crafty ploy.

Now as I see it, I have three solutions to my dilemma.  The first one is that I could get to the bus stop before this chap’s friend, so consequently, he would be behind me in the queue.   Now, the drawback as I see it is that this is against my very ethos of making the most of my precious life and not wasting time.  Bearing in mind that she is at the bus stop at least ten minutes before the bus is due (I know this through my initial investigation into the timings in the early days) then I would be wasting a considerable amount of my life.

The second one would be to make friends with her.  I have no desire to.  End of.

The third?  Well, I could say something to the perpetrator.  However, I suspect he has no manners and no conscience and would make me feel petty and churlish, so I would rather raise my blood pressure until such time as this, when I am able to vent my anger in writing!



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2 responses to “Good Manners

  1. Donna Brown

    This irks me too! But not as much as this scenario:

    You’re in a long queue at a shop but you’re finally nearing the front. They open another till. The four people behind you (who have only been there 10 seconds!) get served and you’re suddenly stuck at the back of whichever line you choose!

    Love the blog. Keep on ranting!!!

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