Ranting on a sunny afternoon

 The weather is simply gorgeous today again.  I am on annual leave from work and the sun is cracking the flags – that never happens.  Usually when I am off work the dark clouds come over, the temperature drops several degrees and the rain comes down with a vengeance.  Not today though, the fifth day in a row we have had glorious weather.  So, what could I possibly have to rant about?  Ok, so there is the little matter of the school holidays and bored kids, but that’s not really been an issue up to press.  We have had theatre trips, girlie shopping trips and lunches, washing the car (with the obligatory water fight), tidying the house, now for an afternoon of relaxation in the back garden with a book.

With my daughter packed off to her friend’s house for the afternoon I carefully chose the right place in the garden, got myself a nice long cool drink, gathered my shades, sun cream on, book in hand and … relax.  I was less than two minutes in to my (well deserved) treat when the beautiful bird song was disrupted by an almighty roar of an engine and the mechanical clattering of a pneumatic drill.

I had to get up to investigate I couldn’t just sit there and read my book, I couldn’t concentrate.  I walked down the driveway to the front of the house and saw the offenders glowing in their luminous work wear which was further accentuated by the glorious sunshine.  I hid behind the large conifer at the front of our house to see if I could get a better look at what they were doing without appearing to be staring.  Well, I didn’t want them to think I was being nosey did I?

With a little hope I thought they might be addressing the potholes in the road caused by the snow and dreadful winter we had just had.  Alas no, they looked to be resurfacing a section of the footpath across the way.  The section they were dealing with could have been no more than ten yards in length, and four feet in width. 

I found myself asking three simple questions:

1.            Why was this necessary at all?  There was nothing wrong with that piece of the footpath that I had ever noticed;

2.            Why were there eight men assigned to this task?  Oh yes, One to dig, and seven to stand around and watch – silly me;

3.            Why do it today???  Ok, so I appreciate schedule of works and all that means that they didn’t decide this morning to do this piece of work, they probably had it timetabled for weeks.  Nevertheless, I thought it most inconsiderate on their part.

So, what to do – ignore them for the rest of the afternoon and read my book in the back garden as planned?  Or, go inside the house, close all the windows and sulk.  Common sense did actually prevail.  I would go outside and enjoy the afternoon sunshine.  After all, they are workmen, and my past experience tells me they won’t be at it for long!  Just one last thing to do – take a photo for this blog – from inside of course.  Don’t want to give the impression I was a curtain twitching busy body with nothing better to do!



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Why mothers are important

This is a sad and sorry tale about my realisation of my own inadequacies. 

Whilst tidying through my wardrobe today I came across a shed load of clothes that I had forgotten about – I haven’t worn them in ages and there’s some really nice stuff in the selection.  “Great” I thought, perhaps I don’t need to go clothes shopping after all, which will come as a huge relief to my hubby!  Hang on – what am I saying?  What I meant to say was perhaps I don’t need to go clothes shopping tomorrow.  Phew glad I backtracked there, I was beginning to doubt my sanity for a moment!

I looked at each garment with a little excitement; it was almost as though I had been shopping as it has been such a long time since I had seen them.  Sad?  Maybe a touch so, but then I challenge you to find me a woman who hasn’t experienced this at one time or other in their lives. 

However, my pleasure was very short lived.  Each item I picked up I found something wrong with it; a button missing here, a hem down there, a seam coming unstitched.  Now I realised why I hadn’t seen them in a while – they were all damaged goods.  Now I am not the handiest of persons in the sewing department in fact quite the opposite, I can just about work out which end of the needle the cotton goes in (the end opposite the sharp pointy one I think) and that’s my limit – but hey that’s what mums are for isn’t it?  I don’t know why I had gathered them in my wardrobe instead of simply passing them on to her to mend them.  There must have been a reason, because believe me, normally I wouldn’t hesitate!

So, I got a very large bag to put the said items in ready to give them to mum.  I’m not taking advantage of her, she likes it really, she’s good at that sort of thing and it gives her something to do or at least that’s what I am telling myself over and over whilst bagging them up.  Maybe I won’t hand them over all in one go, I’ll stagger them.  Come to think of it though, whilst she’s got her sewing paraphernalia out for one, she can do them all at once saving her time getting it out and then packing it away again.  Great idea – yep that’s what I’ll do.  I’ll give them to her all at once.  Sorted.

Oh no, hang on just as fourth item was lovingly placed in the bag, I remembered that mum is recovering from a knuckle replacement operation. She’s got a pot and bandage on her hand and forearm!  Crisis!  I start with palpitations and minor breathing problems.  She can’t possibly mend them for at least 6 weeks – but I need them now!  It doesn’t matter that I have done without them for months, if not years, that’s not the point.  I have nothing to wear at all.  I was relying on these clothes. 

I sat down on the edge of the bed to compose myself.  Now then, what are the options available to me?

  • I could wait 6 weeks.  Not a viable option.  Disregard idea immediately.
  • I could take them to a seamstress in the village.  I would have to pay for the work to be carried out.  Again, I will forget this one.
  • I could carry out the repairs myself.  Whoah – steady on girl – have you thought this one through properly??  I have a sewing box with various bits and bobs in for emergencies.  Admittedly I don’t know what half the stuff is in there – but I’m a bright, intelligent person, I can work it out.  Yes I can do this, I can do this, I CAN do this [deep breaths].

I couldn’t.  I tried and I failed.  I won’t go into the gruesome detail, but suffice it to say I am wholly inadequate in the sewing fraternity and I am thoroughly ashamed.  Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t totally rubbish – I did manage to sew a button onto a garment – it wasn’t very well aligned though and me being the perfectionist that I am would never be able to live with it. 

Why are skills like this rarely taught?  What happens when mums aren’t around to bail us out?   I must remember to ask my mum (when she’s recuperated) to teach my daughter how to sew!


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Shoes hold the key to the answer

Bus travel has never been a favourite pastime of mine, but of late it has become a necessity to get me to work and back (see  Good Manners ).  Whilst other commuters are sitting in their cars during the busy rush hour, tooting their horns, stuck in traffic queues obviously rushing nowhere, I have rediscovered my love of reading.  I can sit back on the bus travelling along in the bus lane passing all those grumpy motorists and immerse myself in another world through the written word.

I admit that I am easily distracted and it does take an awful lot of concentration on my part to remain focussed on the page in question.  An example to illustrate this would be; yesterday morning, the bus had stopped at the bus stop (oddly enough), several people got on and the doors closed behind them.  As the bus was pulling away a young man knocked on the door.  The driver looked across at him and continued to pull away.  Now it wasn’t the knock that caught my attention, that would have been understandable and indeed to an extent acceptable, but as I had already watched the three or four people board the bus, pay their fare and take their place standing in the aisle, I suspect my attention had already roamed.

I do get quite annoyed at myself for being so nosey and particularly at the moment as I am nearing the end of the novel, which I would like to finish and don’t get me wrong it is rather good.  I did therefore whilst waiting for the bus for my return journey in the evening promise myself I would make a real effort to concentrate.

So, I sat on the bus, got myself comfortable and retrieved my book from my bag.  Opened the page and started to read.  Before I knew it we were a good while into the journey and I hadn’t been distracted once – that was until a rather large lady came and sat next to me. 

Now I don’t wish to be unfair, I appreciate the seats are quite small and even for someone of a slight build like myself, they are, well shall we say snug.  Fair enough.  However, I do take exception to those who think that they have a right to plonk themselves down next to you with a complete disregard about someone else’s personal space and comfort.  The lady in question sat herself down to the right of me and her left hand side of her body was physically covering the right hand side of mine.  I was pinned to the seat.  Aside from the fact that this was annoying and quite rude, it was exceptionally constrictive.  I found myself unable to breathe let alone turn the page in my book.  Anyhow, after a little huffing and puffing, and some clever re-positioning, I was able to squish myself into a corner of the bus seat, resembling something similar to a contortionist and I blocked out any further negative thoughts and carried on with the task in hand – reading my book.

Several minutes passed and I was back into the storyline.  At which point the lady said quite out of the blue, “what time does Currys close?”  Now for those of you who don’t know, Currys is a large electrical retailer which is based out of town in the opposite direction to the one we were currently travelling in.

“Er, I have no idea, but these stores tend to stay open until about 8pm.”  End of conversation?  I hope so.

A few turns of the pages later – “Dongles.”

Ignore her she might just be saying random words to anyone who’s listening.

“Dongles.  Have you heard of them?  Do you know what they are?”

Oh my goodness me.  I have attracted the nutter on the bus, I thought these people were a thing of the past!

“Do you know how dongles work?”  Well ten out of ten for persistency.

“A little.”  Was my polite response with fingers firmly crossed and eyes never leaving the page hoping against hope that she would glean enough from my body language that I did not wish to engage in this technological chit chat.

It didn’t work, as deep down I didn’t expect it would.  For some reason, people who do not read seem to think that they can hold a conversation with someone who is blatantly keeping themselves to themselves and do not wish to engage.  There was nothing for it.  I briefly explained what I understand the workings of a dongle to be and how she would be able to browse the internet through an internet service provider of her choice and ‘top up’ her usage as and when she required it.

“Oh.” [Blank look] “No shoes?”

Now I admit it, this totally lost me and at this point I felt the need to ask her to quantify this bizarre statement.  She had got me hooked.  The plot in the book now a distant memory.  How on earth was I meant to concentrate?

The lady gestured her rather large arm in the direction of someone further down the vehicle and almost took someone out who was walking down the aisle of the bus to alight.  “Is that the fashion these days?  Oh I don’t understand young trends.  Maybe that is what I should do.  Maybe then I will understand everything else.”

With this she got up and got off the bus.  What can I say?  I wanted to take my shoes off to see if it gave me any enlightenment!


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Eastenders – why do we watch it?

This is a television programme that is beyond my comprehension.  I know I am from ‘up north’ in good old England but I find it difficult to believe that life ‘dahn saarf’ (down south) is so different to the life we live.  I fully understand that it is a fictional piece of work, however it is supposed to be reflective of true life isn’t it?  Is that not the point of a serial drama? However I suspect that life with Shrek and Fiona in Far Far Away is more realistic than life in good old Walford E20.

I have many gripes with this programme at the moment and the ludicrous plots that are currently being screened, but for the purpose of this piece I am going to focus on one major storyline to hit the headlines of late.

The recent New Year ‘thriller’ whereby Ronnie Branning (Samantha Womack) and Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace) each gave birth to baby boys.  Unfortunately Ronnie’s baby suffered a cot death and she switched her baby with Kat’s baby.  This controversial storyline resulted in over 8,500 viewers expressing their outrage in complaints to both the BBC and the regulatory body Ofcom.  News reports said that the BBC in response to the unprecedented public outcry were going to cut short the ongoing story to come to a conclusion in spring 2011, rather than the planned Christmas 2011.  In my opinion it is still too many months too long.

Currently, Ronnie is supposedly seeing a counsellor to help her through what her closest friends and family believe to be a form of the ‘baby blues’ or post-natal depression.  You think that this is an avenue for the scriptwriters to try and make amends, but no – they then write it in to the scene that she doesn’t go through with it.   There are tell tale signs that she is wanting to come clean and confess, however, she never quite does it.  This is the bit in soaps that I find extremely boring.  I appreciate there needs to be the ‘will she, won’t she’ suspense, but not day in and day out on every episode, it becomes very monotonous and I’m afraid I do not have the patience for it.

It appears that there is yet another tantalising (I use this term very loosely) plot that makes you believe that Ronnie’s mum suspects something and may be edging closer to the truth, oh but then what happens?  Silly me, I had completely forgotten about the underlying plot of her sleeping around with Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) and Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) and where she is found out and driven out of Walford.  Coincidence?  Good detective work on behalf of her co-actors?  Or is it just another dire attempt to stall the inevitable conclusion when Ronnie finally confesses to her sin.  We all know it is on the way – well it’s received enough bad press profile for heaven’s sake!  Why string it out and delay the inevitable?

Whilst I’m on a bit of a roll, when will tv soap directors or producers come to realise that if they are going to substitute real dolls to take the place of real babies that they should either get ones that are the same size as the actual baby the are replacing, or teach the actors how to hold them so that we the audience might be slightly convinced they are handling a human being.  My daughter when she was a toddler had more of an idea of how to hold a doll effectively!

I have never been a huge fan of Eastenders, the storylines are rarely uplifting and it distinctly lacks any kind of feel good factor, but much in the same vein as my Coronation Street blog (Coronation Street – The office drama) , I am drawn to having it switched on in the room for every episode.  The main reason again is for my daughter and husband’s entertainment, but I do have a listening ear to each episode.  It is like an addiction, I know it’s bad for me, but I just don’t seem to be able to give it up.  I am at a loss to see how this can be viewed as topical or even entertaining enough to receive tv awards year after year – I’m obviously missing something.


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Planning for the Future

A while ago I celebrated a significant birthday and without giving too much away, but giving you enough so that you have a pretty accurate idea, they say that “life begins” at this age.

It passed quite quietly and insignificantly really with no big celebration party or fuss and the months following to be honest showing little or no evidence of the saying being remotely true.

What I have come to realise though is that I am obviously getting older – this seems more apparent now and I am developing urges to get my future plans for my life in order.  I have begun to compile my list in order to address this and here it is.

1. Pension

Ensure that my private pension is in order for when my retirement day comes.  I have to admit though that this is a strange one.  One day it seems to be looming ever closer, and then the next, the government decides to extend the working age, so it disappears further into the future!  Anyway, at the moment at current estimates and subject to the world’s economic state I have a pension which will I should (all being well) be able to manage on.

2. Making a Will

I know that this is something I should have done a long time ago, but it is always one of those things I keep putting off with the usual perfunctory comments of “I’ll do it tomorrow”, or “yeah, I’ll get around to it”.  I suppose now I am ever more conscious of my own mortality and think this needs sorting as soon as possible.

3. Regular outings to the garden centre

This is an absolute must.  I cannot wait until the day comes when I am older and retired and have all the time in the world to do just as I please.  I will save my ‘spare time’ visits to the garden centre specifically to take trips at especially well-coordinated times i.e. weekends or bank holidays.  I think this needs precision planning to time the outings to coincide with the desired effect of being really annoying to other people who have less spare time on their hands.

I plan to join up with two or three friends, link arms and walk at a very sedate pace along the narrowest of pathways with no option for anyone to pass by.  I will point at various plants, flowers and decorative garden ornaments with my walking stick, just missing other people with it as I wave it about.  I will of course not need this stick as a walking aid, I will just have it purely for the purpose of potentially taking someone’s eye out.

I will, along with said friends, go for lunch at the in-house restaurant or cafe and spend many minutes in the queue deciding whether I want a delicious cream scone or an equally delicious chocolate muffin.  Then I will debate with the person serving on behind the counter and tell them all about why I may not be able to manage the fresh cream inside the scone because of the ‘incident’ that happened in the bathroom this morning and how these days fresh cream can sometimes play havoc with my bowel movements.  I will say it loud enough so that anybody else looking forward to an appetising lunch or snack will be suitably put off by the discussion.

Once I have finally made the decision to eat the chocolate muffin (“because it looks soft enough for me to eat without my dentures in”), I will shuffle to the till area to pay for my food.  Oh, but first I need to converse with the cashier about the different range of teas and coffees available and how there “never used to be so many in my day”.  I will laugh with her (as she is such a nice girl) and eventually plump for a good old fashioned pot of English tea for one, not some of that “new fangled muck”.  I will not notice that she has just gone through the whole drinks menu for me explaining in great detail the differences and the taste experiences.   I will then have a long discussion with one of my friends who also would like a pot of English tea for one to see if it would be better value if we purchased a pot for two and split the cost.  I will then dismiss the idea, because tea doesn’t taste the same when it comes in a large pot!

I shall make sure I haven’t got my ‘right’ glasses with me so that I will have the opportunity of asking the nice young girl behind the counter to sort out my money in my purse for me.  I will then struggle to check that she has got the right amount, before allowing her to put it into the cash drawer.  I will then complain that there is nowhere to sit, until some very kind family give up their seats for me and my friends.  Aren’t people so courteous?

4. Go to town

In a not too far removed situation to item 3, I will set off into town roughly around lunchtime, just when the workers have their hour off to achieve everything, like paying bills, buying lunch, grabbing some urgent household supplies, visit the bank or other such mundane things.  I too will need these things, so I will time my visit to be as disruptive as possible to everyone else.  It doesn’t matter that I have been up since the crack of dawn, nor does it matter that I seemingly have the rest of the day to carry out these tasks.  I mean I won’t have will I, because after all, I will have to get back home in time to make tea for about four o’clock.  I don’t know when it will happen that I will start losing interest in having my evening meal around seven o’clock as I have done all my life, but I am preparing early for it, as it will come as sure as night follows day.

I am sure that I will think of many more things to plan for, and I sincerely hope that I will have many more years to do this, but you can never be too prepared can you?


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Horoscopes #4 – The Boredom Sets In

My daily experiment continues to prove or disprove the legitimacy of horoscopes – genuine predictions or sheer unadulterated nonsense?  Some may question my findings and any conclusions I may draw from this ongoing experiment.

Warning:  The following experiment should only be replicated in a controlled environment under strict adult supervision.  I will not be held accountable for horoscopes that go wrong.

Day Four

21 February 2011

“You’ve had enough time to sort things out at work, now it’s all about making use of what you’ve learnt and who you have met along the way. You might want to take a break but ask yourself if now is the right time” [Courtesy of Daily Mirror http://www.mirror.co.uk/life-style/horoscopes/taurus/]

Aha – back on track – today officially exists.  Right, straight into the analysis.

You’ve had enough time to sort things out at work…

Well I suppose that this could be referring to the fact that I work in local government and we have known since David Cameron and George Osborne’s fantastic Comprehensive Spending Review (last Autumn) that all local authorities have to drastically reduce their spending.  This of course means the inevitable job losses.  So yes, I have had enough time (to try to get used to the idea), but have I got the necessary authority to sort things out?  I think not!  I am still unsure as to whether I will have employment beyond September/October 2011- that decision is way beyond my reach.  So, if I were to believe this prediction/statement I can only take it as a direct criticism.  I am being told quite clearly that I have had enough time to sort things out.  Well that’s it then – I’m an obvious failure!  It’s like my mum has written it!

It could on the other hand be referring to the new work that my team has taken on.  Now that’s another story which is far too complicated to go into.  In a nutshell though, it is basically deciphering the inexplicably complex world of semantics around “what is an event?”.  Won’t mean anything to you good readers; however I think we are coming very close to solving it or, “sorting things out at work” – hey we’ve got a fit here. 

…now it’s all about making use of what you’ve learnt    

Well my esteemed colleague and I have learnt that nothing is as simple as it first appears.  An event is only an event if it is a small event, but equally it could be an event if it is a big event, but only if it is jointly promoted with colleagues in the Events promotions department (note the capitalised ‘E’ – I think that is the clincher!)  Indeed.  Anyway, now we’ve (almost) got our heads around what an ‘event’ or an ‘Event’ is, maybe we could use it to our advantage and simplify current working processes.  A long shot, but we’re trying to give it a go and our new found knowledge can only be a good thing can’t it?  So again, I suppose a very loose and tenuous yes to this one.

…and who you have met along the way.

Ok, met some new people at work during the ‘handover period’ of the events (small ‘e’) system.  Really nice (if ever so slightly confusing) people.  They’re leaving soon under the government cuts, so I will make more use of their expertise before they leave.  It’s a shame that I have had to meet them under such gloomy circumstances.  We could’ve been good colleagues!

… You might want to take a break

Of course I do, who doesn’t?  This is very vague.  Not going to give this one any more of my valuable time.

…but ask yourself if now is the right time

I do ask myself this on a daily basis and have been doing since the threat of unemployment came knocking on my (non existent) office door.  This is not exclusive to today and is extremely fluffy, so again going to disregard this one.

Someone made a good observation yesterday in response to my blog (Horoscopes #3 – The Horror of the Scope), They asked “Does the time of day you read the horoscope impact on the accuracy. If you read it first thing, will more things happen – because you are subconsciously making them happen?”  That had crossed my mind and I do believe that it could go some way to influence whether you take this turn or that.  That is where I think you could find yourself on tricky ground.  Where one decision seems instinctively to be the right one, a change of mind could lead someone down the wrong path – just because their horoscope ‘told them to choose it’.  With this particular horoscope though, it wouldn’t matter whether it was read in the morning, the evening, or last week – it would (or would not, depending on your stance) apply to any time of day!

Quite disappointing today.  Nothing particularly awe inspiring or life changing seemingly going to happen.  Ah well, that’s horoscopes for you.

So far, based on this consistent approach to using the same (decidedly basic) horoscope I am edging towards the decision that they are utter nonsense and getting bored now.  I did though have so much fun yesterday checking out lots of other ones.  To reiterate what I said in yesterday’s blog I can see how some people can get sucked into the world of horoscopes.  I feel the need to find a better one that will shape my life!

Until tomorrow … I’m off to find some more juicy horoscopes that I prefer.

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Horoscopes #3 – The Horror of the Scope

My daily experiment continues to prove or disprove the legitimacy of horoscopes – genuine predictions or sheer unadulterated nonsense?  Some may question my findings and any conclusions I may draw from this ongoing experiment.

Warning:  The following experiment should only be replicated in a controlled environment under strict adult supervision.  I will not be held accountable for horoscopes that go wrong.

Day Three

20 February 2011

“Sun, Mercury and Mars move into your social sector, new faces appear. There will be new places of work or perhaps you get involved with some folks whose real job is to help you heal?” [Courtesy of Daily Mirror http://www.mirror.co.uk/life-style/horoscopes/taurus/]

Now let’s start and decipher this one.

Hang on a minute – this is exactly the same as the one yesterday.  [Takes closer look]  It IS yesterday’s!  Well what does that mean ladies and gentlemen?  Obviously it means today does not exist.  Wow – now there’s a thought… No Sunday lunch to prepare, no catching up with laundry chores, no boring Sunday afternoon television to endure, and more importantly no hangover from a boozy Saturday night!  In all seriousness though, for me personally it doesn’t really mean anything, except I am unable to continue with my ever so accurate and 100% reliable experiment.

My heart however does go out to those who live their life by whatever the horoscopes dictate to them.  What do they do?  I cannot even begin to imagine the fear and panic that they must experience on days when the newspaper isn’t printed.  Ah but, hang on a minute.  These people will be serial horoscopers (or whatever the term is).  They will have a contingency.  Maybe they don’t only rely on one prediction.  Maybe they have a whole army of them.  Right then – I’ll follow their lead.  Google – here I come.

I type ‘daily horoscopes’ into the search engine.  Blimey – how many results has that returned? 6,240,000. Right I think I may need to narrow this down a little.  I enter ‘daily horoscopes 20 February 2011’ and …………. What? 58,800,000 – This is getting ridiculous.  Right then, one last try although it’s immaterial really as everyone knows that no-one ever clicks beyond the first page of Google returns do they?  (I should know, I probably appear way down on page zillion as very few people ever seem to find my blogs on there!)

Sorry, I seem to have gone off on a tangent – back to it.  Final search.  Let’s see ‘daily horoscopes Taurus 20 February 2011’.  That’s better, a much more manageable 672,000.  So then first one:

“In all probability, it is a favourable day to begin financial planning, says Ganesha. You will focus on your relations and leave no stone unturned to make them prosper. You may yearn for a quiet getaway and end up spending a small fortune to get what you want” [Courtesy of GaneshaSpeaks.com http://www.ganeshaspeaks.com/ ]

That seems pretty vague.  Can’t be bothered with that one.  Wonder what the next one on the list has to offer:

“Work that could advance you professionally could take you away from loved ones, Taurus, and cause some emotional tension. You might feel down because you’d rather be with your loved ones but feel it’s important to move ahead now. Try to make up for it with some quality time. It’s crucial to make the most of the current planetary positions. Everyone will be glad when you see results” [Courtesy of Glomsn.com http://glo.msn.com/horoscopes/ ]

No – I don’t think that one applies to me today.  I have no work planned today that would advance me professionally – not unless you include mastering the art of ironing which could see me through to starting my own business as a professional ironer.  Chance of that happening – virtually zero – I hate ironing and I acknowledge that I am absolutely rubbish at it!  Right then onto next one:

Right then, either my internet has just gone down, or this link is not working.  Not to worry, onwards and upwards (well downwards I suppose it is when clicking on Google returns), I will try the next.

“An encounter with an old coworker sparks a surprisingly nice walk down memory lane” [Courtesy of Shine from Yahoo http://shine.yahoo.com/astrology/ ]

Now then this one seems nice and short to analyse.  Nope this has not happened today. 

I’ll try one more for luck. 

“Sometimes the best action is no action. Another person may make comments that sting but if the shoe does not fit, so to speak, do the best you can to make light of someone’s bad mood. Taking responsibility for errors of the past and the ways you contribute to your own undoing are very important issues now. Most of the people you are around today have errands to run, places to go, and a great deal on their mind. You will be wise in taking advantage of this time to busy yourself with your own work, hobby or creative endeavors. Others value you for your independence and unique qualities. A young person needs your praise for the work that has been done. The evening will bring about a more peaceful time to communicate and laugh with your loved ones” [Courtesy of dailyhoroscopes.com http://www.dailyhoroscopes.com/ ]

Ah now I like the look of this one. [Eeeek – slight distraction here.  Got so engrossed in my in-depth research project that I forgot all about the white sauce base that I was slowly preparing on the stove in order to turn it into a cheese sauce to pour over the cauliflower for Sunday dinner!  Bit lumpy – but think I’ve managed to salvage it.  I don’t think anyone will notice when it’s poured on top of the cauliflower – well they’re lumps aren’t they?  None of the horoscopes I have looked at predicted a culinary disaster did they?!]

Right, back to the analysis.

Sometimes the best action is no action…

Ah with my recent narrowly averted kitchen disaster, I can categorically confirm that a lot of action was needed! So false then.

Another person may make comments that sting…

My hubby tends to do this every day, so it is not exclusive to today – I will therefore disregard this as being inaccurate.

…but if the shoe does not fit, so to speak

 It generally doesn’t fit where hubby’s remarks are concerned!  So again, I will discard this one too.

…do the best you can to make light of someone’s bad mood

Don’t really care either way.  He can stop in a bad mood.  If he wants to sulk, he can sulk.  It gives me time to myself as he generally sulks in another room anyway!

Taking responsibility for errors of the past and the ways you contribute to your own undoing are very important issues now

Ah, back to the kitchen / cheese sauce incident – ok I accept that I was responsible for getting sidetracked with all this astrology nonsense.

Most of the people you are around today have errands to run…

Yep that’s true – although can’t actually see any evidence of them actually being done – that’s a different matter altogether!

… places to go, and a great deal on their mind

Can’t speak for the content of their minds – at least not without being facetious.  Cannot say whether this is true or not.

You will be wise in taking advantage of this time to busy yourself with your own work, hobby or creative endeavors

Research and writing – good plan.  So yep this is true.

Others value you for your independence and unique qualities 

Absolutely true.  I cannot deny it, although it’s not specific to today, I know this is relevant the whole year through!

A young person needs your praise for the work that has been done

Ok so my daughter HAS finally tidied her bedroom.  I say tidied, that is a very loose description of the task.  I suppose you can now see her bedroom floor and her toys are in a tidier pile.   Hey, I’ve been nagging her to do this for weeks now so yes, she indeed needs praise [breaks off to praise daughter].  Another true prediction.

The evening will bring about a more peaceful time to communicate and laugh with your loved ones

It’s too early to say whether this one is true.

Well, finally, I think my research is complete for today.  One the whole, I think this is a difficult one to call.  What I will say is that I have wasted an awful lot of time on this today.  I can see how some people can get sucked into the world of horoscopes.   Bearing in mind that some of these sites ask for payments, subscriptions and money for personalised charts, I am also beginning to realise how some of the more easily swayed and indeed vulnerable people could have their lives influenced and changed, probably I suspect not for the better.

It is indeed a dark and mysterious world.  More to explore tomorrow.

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